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what we have
is a foundation
of love
beautiful & sometimes annoying imperfections (mostly from me 🤪)
random dance moments (u CAN dance 😂)
incomparable to any material thing in the world
and two wonderful babies; our greatest blessings ❤
are bigger than words; can’t put into words.
i appreciate you. respect you. your love for our family. for your never ending concern for the environment, this planet, and humanity. 🌎 
your eye to photograph animals, mother nature, beautiful moments, and our family. 
i love your intelligence. i love that you are a strong man yet you’re able to be empathetic. i love you.
everyday’s valentine’s day. 😚
valentine’s day ready with l’oréal! finally - no more root regrowth after recoloring with my go-to box hair dye in shade 03 ultralight ash brown! my good hair days are back! 🧚‍♀ if you’re worried about bleaching to achieve light color, don’t be! you don’t need to 🤗 get #betterhair every time you color with @lorealhair 💁‍♀️ #sponsored
Monday vibes 🕶 ☕️
shoes from @mygoodiesforluxe
this year i’m committing to staying mindful, doing yoga and meditation, spending less time on my 📱 and living more. 
click on the link in my bio for some tips on what works for me. next blog post will be about fitness and getting back in shape after 🤰❤️✨
wish i looked this composed when i take care of zion. 😂🤪
hello, love month 😍
congratulations to my friend, @markbumgarner on @bumgarnerstudios ❤️
shot by @rynong